We made a spot about electric racing for BMW. They are a sponsor of the worlds first all electric racing circuit. Have a look at the fleet of bad ass electric BMWs and of course the race. Listen to some sounds of the future. Action 8 Films, Leonardo Dicaprio...say what?

A spot featuring the Wrightspeed electric/turbine powered truck performing on The Bonneville Salt Flats as it is tailed by a turbine powered Bell 206 Ranger Helicopter.

A neon themed music video we did for Kontor Records launching the Fisker Karma electric sports car.

Here is a short video we did outlining the steps easyJet and Wright Electric are taking to have a 200 person passenger jet flying in the next 10 years. The first step is a 9 seater in 2018!

A commercial we did for the single passenger all electric, Solo by Electra Meccanica. It’s fast and handles like a charm. 83% of people commute alone to work so why not have a sporty car all to yourself.


Here is a short video about launching the Electra Meccanica SOLOat CES in Las Vegas. 86% of drivers commute alone so why not have a single person car?
Here is a short video I made for them.