Action 8 Films Reel

Hoversurf's Scorpion 3 is quantum leap in clean-technology that will revolutionize how human beings travel, how cargo is transported and how action sports are enjoyed. In short, this "extreme sports instrument" is a game changer!

Objective. Action 8 Films proposes a sophisticated film component to Hover Surf's burgeoning digital presence. This will include an inspiring 3-4 minute film of interviews crystalizing Hoversurf's pioneering vision for hover-bike travel as well as, a dramatic 45-60 second commercial in an exotic location.

Overview. In a world mired in environmental uncertainty and congestion, the media is in search of good news about progress and solutions. Hoversurf's rollout of the forward thinking Scorpion 3 and Scorpion 3 Cargo are fertile opportunities for positive press coverage. Our videos will not only drive press, but will be available for embedding into articles chronicling Hoversurf's progress. The pieces can also be used to raise awareness during conventions, on Hoversurf's website and as 10-15 second excerpts for social-media.

The Films


We would set up interviews with Hoversurf, CEO Alexander Atamanov, and others with the hover-bike in the background in a stunning location. We will include beauty shots of the craft from our proposed commercial below. We could include consumers seeing the craft for a first time at a demo and the common man commenting on it.  The roughly 3-4 minute piece can be sent out to members of the press who cover Hoversurf's revolutionary work. Having high production value promotional video assets to offer the press will incentivize coverage. 

30-60 Second Commercial

A sleek, dramatic and compelling commercial introducing the innovative Scorpion 3 and Scorpion 3 Cargo hover-bikes as ”interrupters of the transportation industry" to a broad audience. We will create a piece with extremely high “cool factor” and viral potential that calls viewers to action.

Direction. Action 8 Films will work with Hoversurf to develop a strategic theme and a meaningful message that best captures the company ethos and goals. Some initial thoughts:

Imagine a dramatic spot artistically capturing the Scorpion 3 as it floats around an industrial park, Norther California road, airfield or desert… lots of eye candy. We see flashes of propellers and the unique design.  We then hear the distinct whirr of the electric motor as it performs in ways we would not expect. We could do something broad stating that a revolution in personal transportation is coming, “We are Hoversurf."  I have had a concept kicking around my head for some time of shooting an entire vehicle commercial in a tunnel as it is chased by drones. We could do some amazing stuff with the electric sound which always sounds so cool in an enclosed space. Drones chasing a drone. There is a stunning one way tunnel in the Marin Headlands Just over the Golden Gate Bridge I have shot in previously. 

We can decide what facts or specs, if any, we need in this version of the spot. It could include the key points conveyed by floating text.  Or we can have two cuts: one that is clean and introductory with few facts and then another with specs floating in the video. In our pieces for Wrightspeed we did a clean version (illustrated in Exhibit A below) and then a second version exactly the same but with specs floating (illustrated in Exhibit B below).  Perhaps we do a mix of the two approaches.

Exhibit B. Wrightspeed Commercial Clean

Exhibit B. Wrightspeed with Specs


3-4 Minute Documentary Film


Action 8 Films will create a strategic theme with Hoversurf that will become the basis of the piece. Perhaps something to the effect of: “Imagine a world where…”

-“A safe personal drone transports you to your destination with zero emissions.”

-“You can own hover-bike for less than $60,000”

-"We can say goodbye to traffic, forever.


 1. The Issues we all Face: What are the traffic, environmental and logistical realities and we are all facing today. What is the need for an electric hover-bike? The reasons Hoversurf was founded.

2. Introduction to Hoversurf and its Mission: We will introduce Hoversurf as part of the solution. We might briefly introduce the history of the company somewhat like this…

-It all started with an idea.

-Inspirations for the daunting task of starting a company.

-Why is it time to take off?

-Bringing agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators,

-Scorpion 3 being inspired by heavy-duty sport-utility motorbike frames. 

-Surfing through the air by changing altitude and direction

-Partnership with Dubai Police

-What will the next generation be?

-Long-term goals for personal drone travel.

3. History of Hover Surf. How it was founded and why?

4.Engineers and the Scorpion 3: We could also conduct interviews with an engineer inside the Hoversurf's lab in San Jose in front of production models or prototypes. The engineers could explain challenges with:

- Battery technology

- Weight and range

- Motor design

-Safety software to limit its range and velocity in order to assure a safe ride.

Conclusion: When speaking of Scorpion 3, Hoversurf's CEO Alexander Atamanov, eloquently stated:  "Our Scorpion 3 hover-bike is one of a kind!. The Future is here!" 

Creative References

Here are a reference for how our interview video could look and another desert commercial we did with a new electric car.

Google partnered with Lenovo to develop Tango, an augmented reality smartphone.

A commercial we did for the 3-wheeled single passenger Electra Meccanica Solo, coming out this fall.



Why Action 8 Films?


Action 8 Films is passionate about electric transportation. We are beyond excited by Hoversurf's electric hover-bike entering the market. We have worked extensively for the likes of BMW’s electric i series, Formula e, easyjet's electric jet project, Fisker, Wrightspeed, Electra Meccanica, Redbull, Gopro, Ferrari/Maserati of China and Audi of America.  We would be happy to build an ongoing relationship with Hoversurf. We believe in Hoversurf's mission and want to be a part of the momentous and positive change it is affecting on the world.

OLE SCHELL, DIRECTOR. Ole began his career at the Saturday Night Live film unit and has since directed documentaries and advertisements around the globe. He recently finished a series of short films for Redbull in China and a 3D racing film with Gopro, Sony Creative and Audi of America. Ole has also directed ads for Google, Lowe's Home Improvement, Sephora, Stitchfix, Sony Creative and content for a host of automotive clients including Ferrari/Maserati and the electric car companies: Fisker and Wrightspeed, the BMW electric "i series" and the electric racing series, Formula e. Ole's documentaries include Picture Me: A Model's Diary, distributed by Strand Releasing, Warner Brothers and the Sundance Channel theatrically and on TV domestically. Picture Me was released in fifty countries internationally including Channel 4 in the UK. Schell also directed Win in China, a film on that nation's most dynamic entrepreneurs, with Chinese Central Television (CCTV). His most recent documentaries include: "Lil Buck Goes to China" (featured on the Colbert Show ) about a Memphis hip hop dancer performing in Beijing with Meryl Streep and Yoyo Ma and "Deo: Escape from Burundi" about one man's harrowing escape from genocide in East Africa. Ole received the "Leonardo’s Horse" Best Picture Award for Picture Me at the Milan International Film Festival. Ole graduated from the NYU Film School and is based out of New York City and California. Last but not least he is a kickboxing assassin.