Ole Schell's director's reel.

Filmmaker, Ole Schell, follows his model girlfriend, for several years, chronicling her rise from a fresh face to one that adorns billboards and magazines around the world. 


A twenty minute documentary by Ole Schell about the life of Lil Buck the dancer and his trip to perform in Beijing with Yo-Yo Ma and Meryl Streep. Featuring performances by Lil Buck, Yo-Yo Ma and Meryl Streep.

As the first decade of the 21st century comes to a close, the worlds largest and most lucrative business-plan competition is held... not in the United States or in any western country, but in communist China. Beyond the 1.3 billion Chinese, the competition goes largely unnoticed in the rest of the world.


Short 3D racing film Sponsored by Audi, Sony Creative and Gopro.


Music video in Paris for Kontor Records.

This is a short film I made promote my friend Patrik Rzepski's menswear line. Its all about surveillance footage and elevators. It was inspired by George Lucas' Student film at USC THX 1000 4EB. 

Miss sixty Fashion Show.

A one minute ad: electric truck performing stunts w/ turbine powered helicopter Bonneville Salt Flats.

Here is a snippet of the documentary Win in China on that nations entrepreneurs and youth culture.

Here is the international trailer for  Picture Me about the modeling industry.

Dutch fashion model Josefien Rodermans gives us a behind the scenes look at the world of modeling and her personal favorite beauty looks and routine. 

Short 3D racing film Sponsored by Audi, Sony Creative and Gopro.

Here is a few moments of the American Eagle campaign we did.

Branding video for all time best golfer, Jack Nicklaus.

Miss Sixty Fashion show at the Gugenheim in NYC.

Sephora film, behind the scenes of a model. NYC.