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The Film

Objective. Wright Electric’s quantum leap in clean-technology has the possibility of revolutionizing how human beings travel while improving the air we breathe and protecting the vulnerable planet we will leave our children. Action 8 Films will create an inspiring 1-3 minute film crystalizing W.E’s pioneering vision for electric air-travel while highlighting its historic partnership with Easy Jet.

Overview. In a world mired in environmental uncertainty and catastrophe, the media and the public are in search of good news pointing to effectual progress and solutions in this “green revolution.” W. E. and Easy Jet's goal of an operational electric passenger jet within the next ten years is fertile territory for the type of positive and inspiring coverage the media and public now seek. Our video will drive press and can be offered for embedding in any future articles written about W. E’s innovative vision and progress. The piece can be used in pitches to investors, during conventions and of course on the websites of both W. E. and Easy Jet. Easy Jet might consider a slightly longer featurette on seat-backs to promote brand awareness of the carrier as a leader in progressive green aviation. Both companies can create 10-15 second excerpts of the piece for social-media. The upside is almost limitless for Easy Jet, which is helping lead this massive shift in socially conscious aviation while becoming a “green airline.” An inspiring promotional asset like this will also help W.E. in the public consciousness while helping it attain its ambitious goals by reaching a whole new audience.

Theme. Action 8 Films will create a theme with W.E. for the piece. Perhaps something to the effect of: “Imagine a world where…”

“We harness existing clean energy to power air travel..” 

"A jet airplane flies you to your destination with zero emissions..." 

“An aircraft is 50 percent quieter than a combustion engine jetliner, delivering you better rested to your destination... " 

"Fuel savings are passed on to the passenger..."

“Where we can all do our part to leave a healthy planet to our children..."


1. Short Education. First, we will briefly educate the viewer.  Perhaps something like:

“Airplanes emit large amounts of carbon dioxide high into the atmosphere where it can’t be absorbed easily by the world’s forests and oceans. Globally, airplanes are responsible for a large portion of pollutants from the transportation industry. An electric airplane would keep all those emissions out of the skies."  

2. Introduction to Wright Electric and its Mission. We will introduce W. E. as part of the solution to the worsening environmental problems we all experience. As was done in recent media accounts, we might briefly introduce the history of the company somewhat like this:

“Wright Electric was founded in 2016 by a team of aerospace engineers, powertrain experts and battery chemists from the likes of NASA, Boeing and Cessna. Wright Electric is building an electric jetliner that can carry up to 120 passengers on flights of 335 miles or less. Such short hops make up 30% of all flights in Europe and are prevalent in many other specialized markets such as Hawaii, where jumping from island to island is commonplace.”

3. History with Chip Yates. We will include a short background on Chip Yates. With an interview in his shop or at W. E, we will touch on Chip’s daredevil history as a motorsports competitor, electric motorcycle pioneer and E-aircraft wild-man. We have awesome existing footage from RED which we can utilize. Chip can tell us why he is now a part of W.E. and what it is about this massive rethinking of aviation that inspires him. He can discuss both; the DNA of the Long-ESA electric aircraft, now a part of  W.E’s IP, and the 10-seater currently in the works. Note: it could be that a W.E. engineer is better suited to speak about the next prototype.

4. Engineers and the “Iron Bird.”  We will conduct interviews with one or two engineers in front of the “Iron Bird” inside the W.E. shop in Los Angeles. The engineers can explain the challenges of: battery technology, weight and range, wing and motor design, the goal of a prototype for a commercial scale aircraft by 2021 and the target of having 90 percent of all flights 90 percent electric by 2035. In discussing the challenges, the focus will be on highlighting the solutions and advantages of W.E's technology.

Partnership with Easy Jet. The recent partnership with Easy Jet is a major step towards Wright Electric’s vision of electric air-travel becoming a reality. As Wright Electric CEO, Jeff Engler, said: “the partnership with Easy Jet is a powerful validation” of W.E’s work.

In this final section we will show how electric air travel makes business sense. Depending on Easy Jet’s involvement and budget, we might interview Easy Jet CEO, Carolyn McCal or perhaps another representative from the carrier. They or someone from the W. E. team can speak to:  Easy Jet’s commitment to a green future, corporate responsibility on the forefront of this revolution and finally that the W.E  E-Jet will be 10 percent cheaper for airlines to purchase and operate. They can also explain that routes like Amsterdam to London, Berlin to Vienna and Milan to Rome will all be within range with W.E's electric-propulsion technology.

After-all it was Easy Jet CEO, Carolyn McCal, who said:   

“For the first time we can envisage a future without jet fuel...it is now more a matter of when, not if, a short haul electric plane will fly."

Why Action 8 Films? 


Action 8 Films is passionate about alternatively fueled transportation. We are excited by the prospect of electric jets and perhaps being a part of Wright Electric and Easy Jet’s partnership. We have worked extensively for the likes of BMW’s electric i series, Formula e electric racing, Fisker, Wrightspeed, Redbull, Gopro, Ferrari/Maserati of China and Audi of America. Action 8 has also worked extensively with aircraft on our shoots including: the Citation V Jet, the King Air 350, a variety of Beaver and Cessna seaplanes and the R-22, R-44 and Bell 206 Ranger helicopters. We look forward to building a lasting relationship with Wright Electric. We believe in your mission, want to be a part of the momentous and positive change your are affecting on the world and hope to travel in an electric passenger jet with all of you one day soon.

OLE SCHELL, DIRECTOR. Ole began his career at the Saturday Night Live film unit and has since directed documentaries and advertisements around the globe. He recently finished a series of short films for Redbull in China and a 3D racing film with Gopro, Sony Creative and Audi of America. Ole has also directed ads for Google, Lowe's Home Improvement, Sephora, Stitchfix, Sony Creative and content for a host of automotive clients including Ferrari/Maserati and the electric car companies: Fisker and Wrightspeed, the BMW electric "i series" and Formula e. Ole's documentaries include Picture Me: A Model's Diary about the world of high-fashion modeling, distributed by Strand Releasing, Warner Brothers, and the Sundance Channel domestically. Picture Me was released in fifty countries internationally including Channel 4 in the UK. Schell also directed Win in China, a film on that nation's most dynamic entrepreneurs, with Chinese Central Television (CCTV). His most recent documentaries include: "Lil Buck Goes to China" (featured on the Colbert Show ) about bringing a Memphis hip hop dancer to Beijing to perform with Meryl Streep and Yoyo Ma and "Deo: Escape from Burundi" about one man's harrowing escape from genocide in East Africa. Ole received the "Leonardo’s Horse" Best Picture Award for Picture Me at the Milan International Film Festival. Ole graduated from the NYU Film School and is based out of New York City and California. Last but not least he is a kickboxing assassin.